I've Moved.... On.

Well hello there...

If you're looking for "the lazy marketer" (aka. Chris Rempel), you've come to the wrong place. Well, sort of.

In years past, this used to be the home of my infamous little book called "Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate" - my unorthodox account of various adventures in affiliate marketing.

For reasons explained here, I'm no longer active as an affiliate, and therefore I can't in good conscience sell training materials about something I'm no longer doing.

It was a good ride, and I actually had a lot more fun developing courses, applications & marketing tools for other affiliates than I ever did running my own campaigns. It turned out be a lot more fulfilling to serve the needs of an audience than it was to - let's be honest here - systematically litter the web with mini-sites, review sites, and other creative "traffic funnels" for the express purpose of intercepting an in-market visitor.

Not that it didn't have its "eureka moments" and highlights - but ultimately, I eventually just lost interest.

Anyway. If I blather on any longer, this site is at risk of becoming a cure for insomnia. So if you care, here's my new blog where I ramble on about various bullshit, and talk about my latest startup, as well as my adventures in growing PosiRank (not my company - I run their marketing) into an industry powerhouse. At the time of writing this they work with over 400 agencies, 15 enterprise clients, and 6,800 self-serve platform users.

So if you're one of the few people who doesn't find this stuff hideously dull, you might wanna check it out. But if you're a normal person, then even reading this shitty page has probably been arduously taxing, and you should probably spend a few minutes on BuzzFeed to recuperate.

(I realize at this point I've dropped quite a few links, so I've made a little list of them all at the bottom in a somewhat more organized format...)

Well folks... this is me, signing off. It's been fun.

Till next time...

~ Chris

Links: My New Site | BigPixure - My New Startup